Leigh Ann Culver

404.291.1421 Marietta, GA

Born and raised in the South, the dark history and unique culture of southern life both haunt and inspire me. My curiosity towards human beings, and how moments of struggle, pain, triumph, and beauty are forces that seem to unify us all, led me to intimately explore people through portraiture. From homeless veterans to historical underdogs, I choose subjects from the fringes of the familiar. Using life-like detail and scale, I aim to give the silent a voice, to tell their story, and to encourage viewers to confront and connect to people with which they otherwise might not interact.

Solo Exhibitions

2018- South Fulton Arts Center “Human Nature” College Park, GA

Group Exhibitions

2018- Brooklyn Brewery & Mammal Gallery “Beer Mansion” Atlanta, GA

2018- Blue Mark Studios “Cultivate, Vol. 1” Atlanta, GA

2018- Artisan Bar & Gallery “Lost in Reverie” Atlanta, GA

2018- Mammal Gallery “Printasm” Atlanta, GA

2018- Women’s Winter Art Exhibition, Atlanta, GA

2017- Argha Noah “Family” Atlanta, GA

2017- Mutiny Artwrx & FamilyHood ATL “Welcome to the Fam!” Atlanta, GA

2017- Mutiny Artwrx “Degenerates Take Over” Atlanta, GA

Public Collections

‘Wappo Woman,’ St. Helena Historical Society, St. Helena, CA, 2017

‘Sangre,’ St. Helena Historical Society, St. Helena, CA, 2018


10/2016-11/2016, Azule, Hot Springs, NC


‘From Cave to Canvas’

‘History Becomes Art’